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What sets this article apart from others is that it gives 5 strong facets to becoming a copy writer that doesn’t just explain the typical career route. Instead it focuses on the mental and goal oriented aspects one needs to be successful towards gaining a career in copy writing. The comments at the bottom of the article help provide feedback from other users who are also interested in becoming a copy writer. The author Daniel Dessinger presents an updated honest brief at the end of the article which gives the piece reliability. Not being egotistical, networking much, and developing a specialty are a few of the essential points Dessinger states an ideal copy writer should have.

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This web page gives a step by step synopsis on how to write a query letter. The main focus of the article focuses on the Do's and Don'ts of what one should do when attempting to write the query letter from the beginning to the end. The author, Ms. Kimmie, gives her own useful tips and advice by providing explanations of a good example and a bad example of a query letter. The examples help one to better understand what makes a perfect query letter.

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John Kuroaka publishes his own insider’s experience as a copywriter on his own home made website. Through sharing his own career journey on the internet he teaches other aspiring copywriters how to achieve their own career goal. The layout of the website contains head lines with paragraphs explaining tips, tricks, and honest personal advice on what steps to take to become a copywriter. Pages in the site also show examples provided as well as Kuroaka's own work. This simple site which is easy to read will make you feel like being a copywriter is implausible, and that it can be accomplished without having a degree in advertising. Interestingly enough, Kuoaka created the world’s first free online mentorship program for aspiring advertising copywriters.

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This website provides a series of links which emphasize on various ways to achieve writing the personal statement. Each link leads to an article written by Tara Kuther, a college professor and author with a PhD who is a guide for Here you will easily find specific answers for your basic questions about writing the personal statement. The articles Include informative information about statements as well as advice, such as what the statement is, how to write, it, how to avoid writer’s block, and how to write in the first person.

"Richard Lehmann." Telephone interview. 12 Mar. 2012.
Richard Lehmann from West Caldwell, NJ is an experienced copywriter who took the time to answers my questions about the copy writing career. Lehmann provided his own insight to what a copy writer does, what salary they make, and what he thinks is good and bad about the profession. He currently works as creative director for an advertising and public relations agency called Fiore Associates.

"Tanya Ringo." Personal interview. 2 Mar. 2012.
An audio recording of Tanya Ringo explains the story of a child who did not know she was adopted until the age of 25 years old. Currently working in retail management residing in Browns Mills, New Jersey, Tanya continues to search for her family relatives in order to regain a lost relationship with them. Her adoption story is unique because her parents were exactly the same ethnicity as she is, which is why she never knew she was adopted. Tanya's biography and struggle to find her biological relatives would make a great story to be pitched to an editor of a magazine.

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